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Three Boys & an Old Lady

This blogging mama loves finding new things and spreading the word about fab finds

I love January. Something about January makes people all giddy with excitement of “newness”. People are abuzz with conversations about “Ooh, this year Imma get myself together”, “This is a new year, new day, new me” or “Imma win in 2010″. Give me a break. I fail to see what dramatic transformation occurs from December 31 of one year to January 1 of the next. It’s one day! If only we looked at each day with the enthusiasm of New Year’s Day. Imagine if we committed to betting ourselves every day with the vigor and resolve we have on January 1. Can you imagine?

On January 1, the gyms are full of people who make resolutions to exercise and become healthier only to fall short of their resolutions a month or two later. Or what about the person that resolves to quit smoking? Purchases a nicotine-gum or patch in an effort to quit the habitual behavior they hate and by lunchtime, they’re craving a cigarette so bad that they quickly succumb to their old habit.

This year do something new. Why not make a daily resolution? Resolve to make one good decision a day. Resolve to make today better than the day before. Resolve to spend extra time with loved ones. Resolve to play one more game of Chutes & Ladders or Candy Land. Resolve to visit a neighborhood park or library. Resolve to take a class in basket weaving or some other course you’ve always wanted to try. Resolve to relieve yourself of the pressures of making New Year’s resolutions. Resolve to try something new

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