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Three Boys & an Old Lady

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    Tackle It Tuesday is reserved for those mundane cleaning projects that tend to get overlooked and go undone as we mull throughout our day.  However, today I wanted to set aside a Tackle It Tuesday to tackle paperwork.  I have put off submitting summer camp applications for Los Tres Amigos due to the fact that I have to complete three separate applications.  It doesn’t help any that the applications are 3 pages long…*sigh* and require signatures, copies of birth certificates, this document and that document and on top of all that, they must be witnessed.   To make matters worse, I have to complete three of them, one for each of Los Tres Amigos.
    I neatly printed our last name, address and telephone number, school name, address and grade on the first page.  Then I printed three copies of the first page.  Yaay!  Now all I have to do is write their first names and their interests.  Whoops!  Grade.  The Los Tres Amigos are in 2 different grades.  Okay.  No worries.  I’ll just use this correction tape and write the youngest Los Tres Amigos’s grade on his sheet.  I neatly printed their birthdates on their individual applications.  Yikes!  I wrote the twin’s birth date on the youngest Los Tres Amigos’s application.  Whoops!  Thank goodness I have this correction tape nearby.  I’ll just scratch thru that.  Alrighty, page one looks good so it’s on to page two. 
   Page two is always the one that asks for their medical history.  Well, all three Los Tres Amigoss are allergic to Penicillin so I check that box, write their last name at the top of the form and print two copies.  The youngest Los Tres Amigos has summer allergies and takes one of those nasal mists, middle Los Tres Amigos has speech deficits and may be hard to understand at times and the oldest Los Tres Amigos has seasonal allergies but takes an over the counter medicine on an as needed basis.  Check. Check.  Check and explanation.  So far…so good.
   Page three…the final frontier.  I can see the light at the end of this paperwork tunnel.  My hand begins to cramp.  I realize why I prefer electronic applications and there it is, “VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION ELECTRONICALLY”

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