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Three Boys & an Old Lady

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Regular followers of Three Boys and an Old Lady may have noticed frequent postings of giveaways featuring a product called Sodastream.   A few weeks ago Sodastream USA graciously sent Three Boys and an Old Lady a Sodastream Fountain Jet to review.  [Thanks Sodastream]

Initially the old lady was a bit skeptical thinking this product would be complicated to set up, take up a bunch of space in the kitchen and flavorless.  However, au contraire.  Sodastream is easy to set up, takes up little space and the taste, WOW, the taste.

Three Boys and an Old Lady was sent the Fountain Jet unit in silver/black and a variety of flavors to try.  The Fountain Jet unit we received contains two 1-liter BPA-free carbonating bottles, one carbonator and a variety flavored syrups.  This particular unit retails for about $90.  This unit is available in red/silver and white/silver.

Set-up is easy.
1) Take the unit out of the box;
2) twist the carbonator into the unit and
3) snap the cover over the carbonator.  Now you are ready to make soda. 

Making soda is so simple ever a child can do it.  Simply fill one of the carbonating bottles with water.  The bottles are clearly marked “Fill to this Line”.  Twist the bottle onto the nozzle and slide on the unit.  Press the button on the top of the unit 2-3 times to carbonate the water.  Gently remove the bottle, tilt it slightly and add desired flavor to the water.  Give it a shake or two and voila soda!

Sodastream is convenient, environmentally friendly, requires no electricity, economical and above all fun for the entire family.  A Sodastream would make a great addition to your camper or summer travel plans due to its small size and portability.  One of my friends purchased one to keep in her camper.

There are over 33 flavors to choose from including a variety of sodas, flavored waters, seltzers and energy drinks.  Three Boys and an Old Lady promises to try every one of them.

In addition to the Fountain Jet series, there are three additional series available for purchase with prices ranging from $90 to about $200.  Including the stylish Pure machine, a stainless steel unit, sure to compliment any kitchen.

SodaStream products are available for purchase at many major retailers or online at  

Disclosure:  The views expressed in this review are my own.  Three Boys and an Old Lady received a SodaStream in exchange for this review.  The receipt of this product had absolutely no influence on this review.  

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