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Three Boys & an Old Lady

This blogging mama loves finding new things and spreading the word about fab finds

As we prepare to receive yet another macaroni embellished Mother’s Day card, today’s Tackle It Tuesday reminds us that maybe it’s time to relinquish some of those treasured pieces of art created by our young Matisse or budding Picasso.

I should confess, I still have the poster board dragon costume my daughter wore in her Kindergarten play…she’s 21 now.  *Sigh*  I have copies of thank you letters from my nephew’s 2nd grade classmates.  He’s 20.  When he graduated from high school, I reluctantly relinquished possession of some of those treasured misspelled writings to him.  Now that I write of it, I can only help but wonder where he put my letters.  Oops, did I say “my”.  I meant “his”, nah really I meant “my”.  I wonder what he did with my letters.

Then there’s the program from the only play my brother was ever in during high school.  I kept it.  Dare I say my brother graduated high school like 20 years ago.  Geesh Louise, I meant to give it to him many years ago, but I was sure he’d misplace and besides he took my 8th grade Math trophy, but that’s another story.

I keep all my little treasures in a dusty accordion file beside my nightstand.I’ll be honest I have absolutely no clue why I’ve held onto these things for so long.  Seriously, it’s not like I’m gonna bequeath it to my grandchildren or anything.  Well, I hope not.  Today, I think it’s about time to clean out that old dusty accordion file.  Perhaps I should package up that old poster board dragon and that old “Bye Bye Birdie” program and send ’em to their “real” owners…perhaps.

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