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Three Boys & an Old Lady

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Ebeanstalk makes buying toys a cinch! 
Ebeanstalk takes pride in only having the best and most unique toys on their website for you to buy and there is something for every child.  Recently I was provided with an Elly the Elephant toy.  Of course I wanted to keep it for my lil’ munchkin but one of my friends recently had a baby girl and guess what her name is?  Yep…Elly and it’s spelled exactly the same as the Elly the Elephant product line so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share this gift with my friend.
Elly the Elephant is the perfect bath time toy and like so many of the toys on the Ebeanstalk website, helps engage the child and presents opportunity to enhance a child’s imagination.  The toy was soft, vibrantly-colored and perfect for little hands.   
I appreciate the team of child experts at Ebeanstalk as they take all of the guesswork of trying to figure out which toys are appropriate at each age of a child’s life.   They have a team of child experts test out every baby toy before it goes on their website.  That way, you know you are getting only the very best learning toys available!

Disclosure:  The views expressed in this review are my own.  I received nothing in exchange for this website review.

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