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Three Boys & an Old Lady

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Today is the last day of school and even though hubby and I have to get up early tomorrow to go to work, today is a special day for Los Tres Amigos.  This morning the youngest of Los Tres Amigos got out the car, looked back at me and asked “Mommy, can we stay up tonight?”  
Without hesitation I said “No”, my mind was thinking ‘it’s a school night’.  He looked at me with sad, puppy dawg eyes and said “Mommy, today is the last day of school.”  He was right.  
Immediately I thought back to when I was younger and how much I looked forward to the last day of school because it meant it was the first night we got to stay up as late as we wanted…which often meant 10 o’clock or so [smile].  I gently grabbed my son by his wrist and said “Mommy forgot.  You can stay up as long as you want.”  I kissed his forehead.  He smiled and thus today’s Mommy Mantra was born.

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