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Three Boys & an Old Lady

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Now that Los Tres Amigos are begun the summer vacation, I realized it was time to go through all those gently used school uniforms.  Even though there is only a year in age between the three, there is over a foot difference in height between the twins and the youngest of Los Tres Amigos.  Therefore, it’ll be a little while before he’ll be able to wear his older brothers’ clothes and even then he’ll have twice the clothing.

I’m not one who likes to hang on to stuff so I decided to pack it up and give it away.  Of course, I could have sold it Ebay or some other online clothing exchange program but my semi-annual donation of gently used school uniforms to local charities makes me feel like I am making a contribution for the greater good.  [smile]

I imagine these uniforms will find a good home.  I see some precarious little boy running about the school playground in his “new” pants and some mother reminding him to empty the pockets before placing them in the dirty clothes hamper.  I imagine her wishing she could have bought her son a new pair of pants but due to the changing economy she figured she’d save her money by buying secondhand.  I hope these pants find a home full of the love and happiness of the home they once occupied and pray they travel to places my son never took them.  Perhaps an afternoon bike ride…perhaps a roll down a grassy knoll…or rolled up to cross a trickling stream.

What are you holding on to hoping to grow into or grow out of?  Could it serve a better purpose somewhere else?  Tackle it today.

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