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Three Boys & an Old Lady

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Driftwood Lane is a wonderful story of love, growth and hope. The story centers on relationships developed as a result of the deaths of two family members.  The title character, Meredith, struggles to find herself amidst the chaos she instantly inherits. I found myself cheering for Meredith as she learned to accept the plan God has for her.  I also enjoyed Denise Hunter’s writing style.  She presented a beautifully written love story without explicit sexual references and vulgarity.  Driftwood Lane made for a perfect Summer read.

Meridith can handle anything:  guardianship of three distant siblings, a dilapidated Bed-and-Breakfast, even an ever-present handyman who’s dismantling more than her fireplace — or can she? 

When the death of Meridith’s estranged father leaves her with custody of three siblings she’s never met, she reluctantly goes to Nantucket to care for them–but only until their uncle returns from his trip. Little does she know, the uncle is already there under the guise of her friendly handyman, with plans of his own.
Will the love that grows between them be strong enough to overcome the secrets that brought them both to Driftwood Lane?

Driftwood Lane is the fourth and final book in the Nantucket Love Stories series.  After reading it you may, like I, want to read the others in this series – Surrender Bay, Seaside Letters or The Convenient Groom. 

The views expressed in this post are my own.  I have received a copy of the book in exchange for this review.

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