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I deserve a round of applause for my frugality.  However, amassing a collection of coupons for stuff which I know I’ll never purchase has taken it’s toll on my coupon organizer.  Although I intended to purchase six bottles of that fancy, schmancy, zero-calorie beverage, I know I never will.  I don’t like the taste and despite the store advertisement of 10 for $10 the desire to purchase despite my distaste is only due to my having a .50 cent off coupon.  Where’s the frugality in purchasing things you just don’t want?  

I’ve heard of folks selling their coupons online and have often taken coupons to our local library or dropped them off at the commissary whenever I visit. Yet, and still, I have way too many coupons.  Over the holiday weekend I cleaned out my coupon organizer.  I didn’t have much choice, it was stuffed to the edges and I couldn’t squeeze another sliver of savings into it if I tried.  These other coupons need a new home.  Not my home.  A home where they will be cherished and used to purchase intended goods but I dare not sign up for eBay merely to giveaway some coupons and the library has long since stopped their coupon collecting and I won’t be going to the commissary anytime soon.  
I tire at staring at a shoe box full of coupons that I dare not throw away in this tough economy, but hadn’t the slightest idea what to do with them until a friend suggested I donate them to her church.  Thank goodness!  In addition to the church pantry, her church has also started a coupon exchange.  What a wonderful idea!  She was excited when she saw the coupons for her favorite toothpaste and cleaning supply items.  I was thrilled to finally find a place other than the recycle bin for these coupons.  

What do you do with coupons for stuff you’ll never buy? 

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