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Three Boys & an Old Lady

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Sandi Patty, Grammy and Stella award-winning vocalist and noted Christian author gives a peek into the struggles of her battle with weight.  The physical and psychological struggles she writes of are common amongst those of us who have struggled with our weight.  Patty  discusses her fears, disappointments, ups and downs of her weight loss journey.  Each chapter begins with an incident related to her impending weight loss surgery intertwined with flashbacks and future hopes and dreams.    

Liner notes: Award-winning vocalist, speaker, and author Sandi Patty uncovers the crucial decision every woman must make to leave a life of regret and find a life of freedom and joy.

Patty is a gifted author and I have enjoyed several of her previous works.  I appreciate the honesty she writes of in her weight loss journey.  However, I would love to hear more of the changes she has made since her surgery.  

The CD accompaniment will be released in August 2010 and despite my disappointment with the book, I am looking forward to hearing Patty’s latest CD recording, including the title track, The Edge of the Divine.


The views expressed in this post are my own. I have received a copy of the book in exchange for this review.

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