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Let’s Do Lunch Book Review

Kudos to author Roger Troy Wilson for presenting a dieting book I can relate to.  Hard to believe the author was over 425 lbs., yes four hundred twenty-five pounds.  WOW!  Roger writes that he had tried everything to lose weight and nothing worked for him.  However, he found a method that worked for him and wrote a book about it.    

Liner notes: Roger Troy Wilson weighed 425 pounds and had a 5-foot waist. He had given up on losing weight and prayed that he would die and go to Heaven.

After fifteen years of experimenting with different foods and eating patterns, he discovered how to actually have fun losing weight easily—almost the complete opposite of most diets. He lost 230 pounds and 24 inches from his waist.

Today Wilson has maintained his weight loss for years. “You do not need to exercise or count carbs. You can do it without portioning and shakes and chemicals,” says Wilson. 

In Let’s Do Lunch, he reveals:
* the dumbest thing we all do that keeps us from losing weight
* which “non-fattening” foods are actually fattening
* special ways to eliminate cravings
* where to go and what to get when you want to eat something quick

Once you’ve read Let’s Do Lunch, you’ll never think of eating any other way.

 I love this book and was able to relate to Roger’s struggle.  In fact, I finished the book the very same day I received it.  His secrets to weight loss are simple and above all something I can see incorporating into life.

Roger believes there are four secrets to weight loss:

  1. Eat fruit

  2. Make lunch your priority meal of the day

  3. Eat foods you enjoy that are lower in fat

  4. Enjoy corn, beans and peas instead of bread, pasta, potatoes or rice.


The views expressed in this post are my own. I have received a copy of the book in exchange for this review.

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