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The recent health care laws have brought to light some of our greatest fears.  Truth is, we’ve got a problem with the health care system in this country and have yet to find a solution.  In his book, Health Scare, health care industry veteran, Rene P. Moret, dissects the problem and encourages us to transition our thinking of how to solve the health care crisis and focus on understanding the problem as a means of solving it. 

Moret introduces the concepts of “Well Care” and “Sick Care” and clues readers in to what distinguishes one type of car from the other and discusses reasons why health care in the United States continue to skyrocket.

My thoughts:   Moret’s book comes at a time when our nation is still reeling from last year’s health care debate.  The insurance industry realizes something needs to change.  Elected officials realize something needs to change.  The business world realizes something needs to change.  Everyone seems to realize something needs to change but no one seems to have any idea as to what to do.  Some of the ideas presented in Moret’s book seem plausible but it’s Moret’s explanation of some of the complicated concepts presented in the recently passed health care bill that I appreciate.  Moret understands Americans are afraid and don’t quite understand much of the verbiage of the bill and helps the reader get a better grasp of the bill and the “truth behind America’s Health Care Crisis”. 

Click here to read an excerpt of HealthScare.  

Disclosure:   I received a book for review in exchange for writing this post.  I did not receive any form of compensation from the publisher..  All opinions expressed in this post are mine and not influenced in any way by receipt of the review product. 

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