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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Each Tuesday, I set aside time to tackle some task, usually mundane, and revel in the accomplishment of completing said task.  However, I am sad to report that this week Tuesday has tackled me. 


                       and After
I know it may seem odd that the largest box is on top but it just so happens to be the lightest one.  I would put them in the attic but these are goodies I’ve won over the course of the last couple of months, stuff for the baby and Christmas gifts for Los Tres Amigos.  
I may have failed at this week’s Tackle It Tuesday, but there’s ALWAYS next Tuesday.  I cannot wait till next week’s Tackle It Tuesday!  Next Tuesday I will have met this challenge and found a new home for all of these items. *fingers crossed*


Now that Los Tres Amigos are begun the summer vacation, I realized it was time to go through all those gently used school uniforms.  Even though there is only a year in age between the three, there is over a foot difference in height between the twins and the youngest of Los Tres Amigos.  Therefore, it’ll be a little while before he’ll be able to wear his older brothers’ clothes and even then he’ll have twice the clothing.

I’m not one who likes to hang on to stuff so I decided to pack it up and give it away.  Of course, I could have sold it Ebay or some other online clothing exchange program but my semi-annual donation of gently used school uniforms to local charities makes me feel like I am making a contribution for the greater good.  [smile]

I imagine these uniforms will find a good home.  I see some precarious little boy running about the school playground in his “new” pants and some mother reminding him to empty the pockets before placing them in the dirty clothes hamper.  I imagine her wishing she could have bought her son a new pair of pants but due to the changing economy she figured she’d save her money by buying secondhand.  I hope these pants find a home full of the love and happiness of the home they once occupied and pray they travel to places my son never took them.  Perhaps an afternoon bike ride…perhaps a roll down a grassy knoll…or rolled up to cross a trickling stream.

What are you holding on to hoping to grow into or grow out of?  Could it serve a better purpose somewhere else?  Tackle it today.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Los Tres Amigos last day of school is today and I usually stock up on grocery and pantry items to quell the inevitable “Mommy, I’m hungry” cries.  A couple of week’s ago I cleaned out the pantry and last month I straightened out the deep freezer.  However, besides the weekly clearing out and wiping off, the fridge had gone unnoticed.  Every week I clear the fridge of leftovers and old produce, but I rarely take the vegetable bins out and wash them thoroughly or remove the racks and give them a good cleaning.  So, last night was the night!
I know, I know last night was Monday, but around 2 AM this morning [Tuesday], I awoke with a strong urge to clean the fridge.  I removed all the racks and gave them a good scrubbing and thoroughly washed the vegetable bins.   I wiped the side drawers of the fridge and organized the frozen goods in the freezer.  I even opened up a fresh box of baking soda and placed it in the fridge.  Yep, my fridge is devoid of gunk and food goo and begging to be filled with summer vacation goodies.  Farmers’ market…here I come.
Today I encourage you to take a moment to clear out all the old gunk and goo in your life.  Maybe it’s your fridge or maybe it’s your bathroom or maybe that gum stuck on the carpet in the den.  When the urge to do it comes upon you, just do it.
Do you have a Tackle It Tuesday project?  Connect with other moms like us at and tell us all about it.  

As we prepare to receive yet another macaroni embellished Mother’s Day card, today’s Tackle It Tuesday reminds us that maybe it’s time to relinquish some of those treasured pieces of art created by our young Matisse or budding Picasso.

I should confess, I still have the poster board dragon costume my daughter wore in her Kindergarten play…she’s 21 now.  *Sigh*  I have copies of thank you letters from my nephew’s 2nd grade classmates.  He’s 20.  When he graduated from high school, I reluctantly relinquished possession of some of those treasured misspelled writings to him.  Now that I write of it, I can only help but wonder where he put my letters.  Oops, did I say “my”.  I meant “his”, nah really I meant “my”.  I wonder what he did with my letters.

Then there’s the program from the only play my brother was ever in during high school.  I kept it.  Dare I say my brother graduated high school like 20 years ago.  Geesh Louise, I meant to give it to him many years ago, but I was sure he’d misplace and besides he took my 8th grade Math trophy, but that’s another story.

I keep all my little treasures in a dusty accordion file beside my nightstand.I’ll be honest I have absolutely no clue why I’ve held onto these things for so long.  Seriously, it’s not like I’m gonna bequeath it to my grandchildren or anything.  Well, I hope not.  Today, I think it’s about time to clean out that old dusty accordion file.  Perhaps I should package up that old poster board dragon and that old “Bye Bye Birdie” program and send ’em to their “real” owners…perhaps.

    Tackle It Tuesday is reserved for those mundane cleaning projects that tend to get overlooked and go undone as we mull throughout our day.  However, today I wanted to set aside a Tackle It Tuesday to tackle paperwork.  I have put off submitting summer camp applications for Los Tres Amigos due to the fact that I have to complete three separate applications.  It doesn’t help any that the applications are 3 pages long…*sigh* and require signatures, copies of birth certificates, this document and that document and on top of all that, they must be witnessed.   To make matters worse, I have to complete three of them, one for each of Los Tres Amigos.
    I neatly printed our last name, address and telephone number, school name, address and grade on the first page.  Then I printed three copies of the first page.  Yaay!  Now all I have to do is write their first names and their interests.  Whoops!  Grade.  The Los Tres Amigos are in 2 different grades.  Okay.  No worries.  I’ll just use this correction tape and write the youngest Los Tres Amigos’s grade on his sheet.  I neatly printed their birthdates on their individual applications.  Yikes!  I wrote the twin’s birth date on the youngest Los Tres Amigos’s application.  Whoops!  Thank goodness I have this correction tape nearby.  I’ll just scratch thru that.  Alrighty, page one looks good so it’s on to page two. 
   Page two is always the one that asks for their medical history.  Well, all three Los Tres Amigoss are allergic to Penicillin so I check that box, write their last name at the top of the form and print two copies.  The youngest Los Tres Amigos has summer allergies and takes one of those nasal mists, middle Los Tres Amigos has speech deficits and may be hard to understand at times and the oldest Los Tres Amigos has seasonal allergies but takes an over the counter medicine on an as needed basis.  Check. Check.  Check and explanation.  So far…so good.
   Page three…the final frontier.  I can see the light at the end of this paperwork tunnel.  My hand begins to cramp.  I realize why I prefer electronic applications and there it is, “VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION ELECTRONICALLY”